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  • Sprockets,
  • Platewheels,
  • Taper Bore Sprockets,
  • Stainless Steel Sprockets,
  • Idler Sprockets.


As a professional chain & sprocket manufacturer, our state-of-the-art production facilities comprise of an advanced vertical CNC gear shaping tools with tool form and tooth direction tester, plus instrumentation to check for Sprocket shape and alignment, precision key way broaching and set screw machining.


We produce Standard Sprockets and large pitch Conveyor Sprockets, as well as Special Form Sprockets according to the customer requirements. All our Sprockets are manufactured out of high quality steel. The range also includes:


  • Idlers,
  • Tensioners,
  • Torque limiters, and
  • Sheer pin split sprockets.





With standard or flame-hardened teeth for high bearing loads to improve  the durability and wear&tear, the bore sprockets and bushes are available in sizes BS 06B to 40B in simplex, duplex and triplex.




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For more information about our Sprockets, please download our CATALOG蓝盾网上娱乐首页检测

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